Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Introduction and The End of 2011.

Welcome to Life and Love in New York. We are The Cashers, recently married on October 1st, 2011 in Upstate New York. You may remember the old blog, or you may have just stumbled upon the site, but we hope you stay awhile and follow our stories, recipes, home improvements, Holiday fun, and more. 

Since our wedding was the most recent large event in our lives (besides our first married Christmas!), our first post will recap the best day we've both had. Ever.

Our Church. Lovely, isn't it? Father Kennedy performed a beautiful ceremony; lots of friends and family, purple argyle socks, one crying maid of honor, and tons of happiness.

 The bridal party, and Corey and I (Chelsea) in the center. My cousins, sister, and BFF forever, Emily look beautiful. Corey's friend, brother, and my cousin, also look very handsome. This photo was taken in a bar next to the Church; a place we visit from time to time and we had some great photos taken here!

 After a lovely wedding and fun reception, Disney World was our honeymoon destination. This is us ecstatic, in line for a Monsters Inc. show after days of no sleep, a plane ride to Florida, and me telling Corey we had to go on as many rides as we could the minute we arrived. : )

I also celebrated my 25th birthday! This lovely dessert is from Le Cellier steakhouse in the Canada section of Epcot. Yum!
 This was in front of the Boardwalk Hotel, our favorite place to visit. There was an ESPN-themed restaurant with giant TVs with NFL and MLB on each one, and I won a t-shirt for knowing a random fact about Jim Kelly, even though we're not Bills fans.

 Cinderella. We loved Downtown Disney!
We gave both of our grandmothers this photo. They loved it.

Stay tuned friends, family, and visitors! We can't wait to share all of our happenings with you! Coming this week: homemade pizza crust from The Pioneer Woman, and what we're looking forward to in 2012.



  1. Love the new blog, and enjoy seeing pictures of your wedding and honeymoon - what a fun trip!!! Hope you and Corey had a wonderful 1st Christmas as a married couple! :)

  2. Just stumbled upon your new blog, looking forward to seeing your adventures. You had a beautiful wedding!