Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Favorite Finds: Party Dishes

Next Friday, we'll be married 8 whole months! So...between being newlyweds, doing stuff around the house, me looking for a job,cooking, fun things, and Corey working mucho hours... That about sums up why we've left you all hanging. So happy Friday! This post is linked up to Finding Joy In My Kitchen for Friday Favorite Finds. Since major holidays (like 4th of July) are coming up soon, (and we host a big ol' bash), I wanted to share some party dishes with you. Enjoy!

Cookie "Pie" from Adventures In My Kitchen
This looks so yummy - and easy! I will definitely be trying this with variations from chocolate chips to my most favorite round candy, Reeses Pieces. : )

 "No-Fail Cocktail" from Eddie Ross, posted on High Street Market
Read the follow-up/recipe below. Can I just add that I love Fresca? : )
 Old Fashioned Pink Popcorn from Cooking Classy
Popcorn is my go-to snack, and I love Kettle Corn. While the flavor sounds delicious, I love that you can dye this to your party style. A batch of half green, half red for Christmas, red white and get it!

Antipasto Kabobs from The Hungry Housewife
So I don't usually eat Antipasto, but these skewers sounded ah-mazing!
I love the addition of the tortellini - my personal skewer would be something like: salami, cheese, tortellini, pepperoni, repeat. I know...there must be some veggie I would like that could go on a skewer...or not.

Star-Spangled Pie from
OMG delicious. Chopped cookies and Cool Whip in a graham cracker crust. Look for this soon on the blog, I'll be making this ASAP!

Enjoy the Holiday, folks!


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  1. Thanks for linking these up - you have some festive finds :)