Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beauty Tuesday: Hair Ruts

Today's post is inspired by The Nate Berkus Show; he gave two women hair makeovers this morning. You might be thinking, "Chelsea, you are not in a hair rut." That may be true, but since joining Pinterest, I have seen countless hair cuts, styles, and colors that I think, "Wow I need that/want to try that/I wonder if that would look good on me..." So here are some photos of what I'm loving right now. Feel free to talk me in or out of any of these looks. My current hairstyle is long, layered, and a color halfway between dirty blonde and light brown. It's almost always blonde, though.

This is the result of hair chalking; using art pastels on wet strands of hair, then using heat (like a curling iron) to dry the colored pieces of hair. This lasts through 2-3 shampoos, so I would be more willing to try this rather than permanent bleaching of some strands before coloring them a bold color.

This next product is called The Color Bug, and is by Kevin Murphy. From what I researched, this is similar to hair chalking, but is technically more like eye shadow. It comes in Pink, Purple, and Orange, and reportedly comes out in one washing. I looked on a few websites for purchasing, but being an Australian product, you can get in on eBay or Adore Beauty.

 Now onto styles: I wear my hair messy like this a lot, but much higher on my head. I like this style that Vanessa Hudgens has; the bump in front, with the curly pieces all over, and lower on the head. I think this might look great with the dress I rented for Valentine's Day. Yes, rented. We'll get to that next Tuesday.

 This style is gorgeous! I think these type of curls would be best achieved with rollers; I use sponge rollers always, I really don't know how to use hot rollers very well, although my hair was hot rolled for the wedding and I liked the result. I will be trying this style soon!

Last one! If I had to compare my actual hair type to anyone, it would be Taylor Swift. Crazy, long, and curly hair, and I love it. Since the headband-across-the-forehead trend came about, I've been wanting to try it. It doesn't look so great on me when my hair is down and curly, but I love this with the big flower on the side and the pieces of hair in front. I may also try this with long straight hair, too.

What are you loving lately with hair trends? Would you try any of these styles/colors? Let's hear it!

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